Head of Subdivision of Interests, Reasoning, Student and Alumni Information

Su`udi, A.Ma, S.Pd

Job Description of the Head of Subdivision of Interest, Reasoning, Student and Alumni Information
  1. carry out the preparation of the work program of the Subdivision and the work program of the Division;
  2. collect and process data in the areas of student interest and reasoning;
  3. carry out the planning of student activities;
  4. do business with the selection of outstanding and exemplary students;
  5. carry out matters of granting permits or recommendations for student interest and reasoning activities inside or outside the tertiary institution;
  6. monitoring and evaluating the implementation of student interest and reasoning activities;
  7. carry out the preparation of reports and presentation of data and information on student activities;
  8. perform storage and maintenance of Sub-Section documents;
  9. perform the preparation of Subdivision reports and Section reports;
  10. provide job market information services;
  11. facilitate alumni networking;
  12. carry out PKKMB activities
Executive Staff
  1. Ekowati Sudibyaningsih, SE
  2. Nur Cholisah, S.Pd
  3. Elegant Kanthiasih
  4. Nida Anisatus Sholihah, S.Pd
  5. Oni Irawan
  6. Moch. Adi Santoso
  7. Suhartono
  8. Hadi Mulyono
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