Head of Subdivision of Student Welfare Services

Wiwid Rahmawati, SP

Job descriptions of the Head of Subdivision of Student Welfare Services
  1. carry out the preparation of the work program of the Subdivision;
  2. collect and process student and alumni data;
  3. make plans for the welfare service needs of students and alumni;
  4. do business of giving scholarships;
  5. perform student health services;
  6. make plans for student welfare services;
  7. carry out the affairs of student welfare services;
  8. do the affairs of granting student apprenticeship / PKL permits / recommendations;
  9. facilitate the improvement of student skills;
  10. monitor and evaluate student welfare services;
  11. perform storage and maintenance of Sub-Section documents;
  12. carry out the preparation of Subdivision reports;
  13. carry out student graduation;
  14. carry out non-academic activities.
  15. entrepreneurial program manager
Executive Staff
  1. Yayuk Ratnawati
  2. Tri Setiyowati, BA
  3. Sugianto
  4. Solikhul Qowim
  5. Nur Kholis Kurniawan
  6. Rendra Julianto
  7. Iqbal El Sidiq, S.Pd
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